Some Thoughts for the New Year

by Chris Loo | Director of College Counseling

(Art by Sydney Dunn)

For most people, January 1st is a beginning.  It’s the beginning of a New Year.  But for the Class of 2016 it’s an ending and a welcome one at that.  January 1st means that all (okay, most) college applications are finished and submitted!  And I want to take the opportunity to congratulate our seniors on a job well done.  It’s been three months of information gathering, essay and supplement writing, standardized test taking, and stress and anxiety.  But now it is all behind you.  And only the wait remains.  

Can I suggest that you take this time to do a few things?  

  • Congratulate yourself on a fantastic achievement!  It’s not easy applying to college and YOU DID IT.  
  • Celebrate your achievement.  Don’t just celebrate acceptances; celebrate the fact that you finished all of your applications.  
  • You have done your best in presenting yourself to colleges.  As you wait for decisions, let it go.  Don’t spend needless time being anxious about something you no longer have any control over. And remember that God is present in your tomorrow; He knows what is ahead and you can trust Him.  He has a plan and His plan for you is good.
  • No matter what happens, remember that there are lessons to be learned. Whether you’re accepted, deferred, or even rejected, be open to life’s lessons because it’s God way of directing you to where you’re supposed to be.
  • Enjoy your senior year.  This second semester will go by quickly.  Make great memories.  Strengthen friendships.  Learn as much as you can.  Pursue God. Do what you love.

Seniors, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your college process.  Each of you, in your own specific way, has blessed and enriched my life.  I have learned so much, not only about you, but from you. I’m excited for you, as God leads you on the next step of your journey.


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