March Alumni Log

News & Updates from Brookers Around the Globe


Walt Gale ‘54 had a flood in his Houston apt. on December 23, and he and his wife Ruth were forced to move out while repairs were made. It made for a challenging birthday for Walt (Dec. 22) and Christmas holiday, but “I am happy to report that we should be able to move back to our apartment by Feb. 20-25.”

Harvey’s 1970 Samco Cord

Harvey Jenkins ‘57 has bought and sold three 1950’s Studebakers since retiring and is currently selling a 1970 Samco Cord. He is on the lookout for his next collector vehicle. “My advice: don’t consider classic car collecting as an investment.”



Anton (Nick) Marco ’61 is working on a “life-write” in sequential 5-7-5 Haiku as well as an intimate (“non-shouting”) blues concert in bass vocal range, accompanied only by electric bass and traps.

Ernst “Tsajon” Von Lixfeld ’63 is a past president of the Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay, HI, and its current Membership Chair. He earned his graduate degree in gemology in 1988 and is a jewelry and Asian antique appraiser, semi-retired jewelry designer, artisan, and creator.

The Hicks men

David ‘66 & Scot ‘72 Hicks, in their retirement, are producing a freshly translated, annotated, and illustrated series of Plutarch’s Parallel Lives for home schools and classical Christian schools. The third volume, The Tyrant, is due to appear this spring. The Lawgivers and The Statesmen are already available on Amazon.

Roy Hodson ‘69 is grateful to have survived the historic flooding in eastern Kentucky on July 28, 2022, that impacted his personal home and small community with the loss of lives and tremendous property damage. His wife, Debbie, and he semi-retired in 2017 after 43 years of ministering with Scripture Memory Mountain Mission to begin an outreach called Heartkeep Inc. They have a two-pronged ministry to couples struggling in their marriage relationships and to individuals seeking recovery from Substance Use Disorder in association with the Kentucky courts’ Drug Court Program. “Through group, individual, and mentoring relationships, we seek to share Christ and His love and guidance to individuals and families with much hurt in their life experiences.”


Susan, Peter & John

John Haile ‘73 is enjoying retirement living on the coast of Maine after retiring from a school career. “Life is very full and good: family (three kids & six grandkids), year-round sea kayaking, and a couple of volunteer activities. My dad (Peter Haile) is still living–age 98. Grateful for it all.”

Brad MacKinnon ‘75 lives in Gig Harbor, WA, near Seattle, where Mark Morache ‘75 and David Woodward ‘75 live. He works as a Family Physician and enjoys life in the Pacific NW.

Nancy & Don

Don Wason ‘75 is anticipating retiring after 38 years of teaching Earth Science and coaching soccer and lacrosse. “Nancy and I are still living in Seacoast, NH, and have enjoyed spending time with John and Alice Engstrom and other former SBS faculty.”


Tony Roman ‘77 retired in June of 2022 after 40 years of teaching high school social studies. He is still political science adjunct professor at Carroll Community College and started a part-time job in December as a Case Manager for veterans in his county. “I help veterans get any benefits they are entitled to. I also can deal with any poverty, housing, or other issues they are dealing with.”


Jim is almost ready for a dress code check (where’s the tie?)

Jim Favino ‘84 was on campus in February on a visit from Delaware County Christian School with former faculty member Mark Dixon. While he was here, he tried on a blazer, for old time’s sake, and took a picture next to Johnston Hall.

Christian in action

Christian Taylor ‘84 and her team at Documentary First Productions are currently in production on two film projects, a WWII Battle of Carentan documentary and a documentary series on the Dutch resistance called The Brave Dutch. Both films have distribution through Virgil Films Entertainment; however, they are still looking for production and investment partners to complete the film.


Anders Brownworth ‘90 is working at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston researching Central Bank Digital Currency. His paper with MIT on a high-performance transaction processor is being presented at the NSDI conference in April. He lives with his wife and daughter in Wellesley, MA.


The Redners

Kathryn (Musser) Redner ‘04 and her husband Ryan have lived in southern Illinois for the past 8 years, where Ryan is a professor of Behavior Analysis at Southern Illinois University. Kathryn is a stay-at-home mom to Addie (5) and Caleb (2) and has recently enjoyed a new opportunity to teach ESL to international women connected to the university. Kathryn enjoys learning about different cultures, providing practical help, and building bridges for gospel conversations.

Dennis debriefs with the team in the Gaebelein Learning Commons

Dennis Valet ‘04 attended an SBS mock trial in February. After our team beat Smithtown, he shared some notes with the students. Louis Chuang ‘19 and Nick Buscemi ‘18 were also in attendance.

Colby & Mary

Colby Esposito ‘09 had a big year+. He moved to Alabama from Long Island in December 2021, started a private counseling practice in April, got engaged in May, and married “the love of my life (Mary Evelyne)” in October. They are buying their first home this month. “Lots of blessings and answered prayers.”


Dan Nye ‘17 is a project engineer with J-Track. He wanted to share a note for any alumni looking for a work opportunity. All four companies under the Iovino Enterprises umbrella (J-Track, TC Electric, Welkin Mechanical, and MLJ Contracting) are looking to fill a fair number of positions, including Project Managers, Office Engineers, Administrators/Document Control, Cost Managers, and legal counsel. Feel free to reach out to Dan at or (631) 316-9466.

Emily in action

Emily Valadez ’19 was named a Northeast Fencing Conference All-Star after helping Tufts University win the NFC title. Valadez has an 80.56 success rate at sabre this season, good enough for 5th in the conference. The Jumbos are currently ranked #2 in the USFCA Division III poll.



Jack Carr ’20 attended the boys’ basketball team’s PSAA Championship in February. He will pitch for Adelphi University this spring.

Oscar Houseago ‘20 had an academic report published by Parliament recently, detailing the impact the post-Brexit trade agreement between the UK and European Union has on business and how effectively the agreement is being managed. “This was a small project that I worked on as part of my final, graded assessment on a Parliament module I studied. It was particularly enjoyable to use my academic background to contribute to a current inquiry into this topic. My response to the inquiry can be found on the Parliament website under the Written Evidence section using this link.”


Colin Scanlon ’21 helped break Claremont McKenna College’s distance medley relay school record in February. He looks poised for a strong sophomore season in the 400 and 400 hurdles.


Tyler Smith ’21 slugged his first collegiate home run vs. Coppin State on February 19. He will play catcher/first base for St. Peter’s University this spring.


Tiger Winston ‘22 joined the men’s volleyball team at Eastern University, having never formally played the sport. He certainly was around the game growing up as his father, Stan, coached the sport for a decade at SBS, and siblings Kayla ‘10, Jess ‘11, and Chelsea ‘16 starred for the volleyball team while at SBS. He recorded four kills vs. Neumann College in January. He continues making trips to New York City to serve the homeless, a practice he began while at Stony Brook.

Boston Alumni Gathering

In February, Brookers got together for a Boston-area alumni gathering at the home of Jenny (Hanchett) Robinson ’89. Alumni and friends in attendance but not pictured: Glenn Jamison ’62, Mark Hanchett ’62, Anne Hanchett, Stephen Jamison ’68 & Lou Brown ’85.

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