SBS Launches Online Program “Gravitas”

The Stony Brook School recently launched a fully-online school available to any student, anywhere. The program, entitled Gravitas, aims to help students unlock their full potential, shape their character for a lifetime, and prepare them for the future by offering specialized academics, college level courses, and more. Gravitas students will take only three classes at a time, allowing them to dive deeply in to master content. The program offers students six different start terms, opportunities to attend live online classes and school events, and an interactive and supportive virtual learning community.

In step with The Stony Brook School, Gravitas focuses heavily on character education, interweaving the historic motto “Character before Career” into the curriculum and overall student experience. The Gravitas program is backed by research from the Harvard Human Flourishing Program and focuses on cultivating the virtues of love, hope, faith, wisdom, justice, courage, and temperance in the hearts and minds of young adults.

“Gravitas’s online curriculum will ignite the moral imagination and get students thinking deeply about wisdom, justice, and love,” said Gravitas’ Executive Director, Dr. Sean Riley. “Our masterful teachers will serve as wise mentors, seeking to know and guide each individual student towards truth. While many schools boast rigorous academics to shape the mind, Gravitas has intentionally designed its program to also shape the heart.”

Gravitas aims to make a rigorous education available to any student and offers solely need-based financial aid to both domestic and international applicants. Students are encouraged to apply for aid when applying for admission to the program. 

To extend its reach and support of students worldwide, Gravitas plans to open 50+ community-based micro schools in partnership with Christian leaders—and will open its first micro school in Los Angeles this fall.

To learn if Gravitas is right for your child, or to apply, visit


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