A New Era of the Learning Commons

by Alana Mercurio | Communications

The new Learning Commons, designed by Mrs. Jennifer Crane P ’18, ’20, ’23 and X. Cris Damianos ’13, is open and in use by our students. Every surface and piece of furniture has been updated and refreshed, and faculty and students alike are very pleased with the new space. Thanks to our donors’ generosity at last year’s Main Event, our students now have a relaxing place to study during free periods, study hall, after school, and during evening study hours.

“The renovation sought to make the existing space feel airier, more inviting, and more conducive to study,” said Mrs. Crane. “It’s now more of an open and flexible laboratory, which helps keep pace with future demands, and the design is centered around the concept of connection. Group study and research have become more popular, but there’s also a need for students to work together—but on their own.”


The Learning Commons is now divided into separate zones in order to best utilize the space. The study hall zone, closest to the proctor and with the most practical seating, helps students efficiently get their work done. A cubicled section exists for “backwork,” and the rest of the space is used for free study. New lounge furniture has been added for comfortable studying, and students are taking advantage of the space.

“I spend a lot of time in the library, and genuinely look forward to studying in the new bright atmosphere,” said senior Deanna Kelly. “SBS is always on the lookout for constant ways to improve the overall experience of their students, and with revamping the Learning Commons, they’ve really done it again.”

Additionally there is a faculty lounge, a multi-use classroom, and an area for students enrolled in digital art classes to work on their projects. A few more finishing touches to the Learning Commons are still in the works, including Bota Booths, which are relaxed modular seating arrangements with acoustic padding that allow for quieter group work.

“Students really love the new commons and are eager to be there whenever they can. It’s become a bustling center of student study activity,” said Academic Dean Dr. Sean Riley. “It has the feel of a college learning hub, which is what is desired for our students.”


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