A Note on Veterans Day

Hegeman Chapel, 1945-1946
Today is Veterans Day. At The Stony Brook School, we’d like to commemorate our Veterans.

During WWII, 435 alumni and students served in the armed forces. Twenty alumni died in action, some of whom enlisted in the military without graduating from Stony Brook.

There were two service banners that hung on campus, one in the chapel and one in Carson.
The following list used to be read on Veterans Day in chapel. Thanks to David Hickey for saving it, and reproducing it here:

Fallen Alumni

The following are the alumni we have on record as having died in military service.  If you know of anybody missing from this list, please contact alumni@stonybrookschool.org.  Thank you!

In World War II

Stanley King Wood ’25

John Messer Lawrence, Jr. ’33

David Ramsey Small ’33

Archibald Campbell, Jr. ‘36

Edward Alan Lukens ’36

John Dwight Bridge ’37

Edward Strong Muyskens ’37

Frank Edward Schneider ’37

John Benson Kernochan ’38

Arthur Henry Elliot, Jr. ‘39

George Edwin Goodman, Jr. ’39

Lee Irby Betty, Jr. ’40

Douglas Shorkley Klein ’40

DeForest Becker, Jr. ’42

Edward Reynolds ’42

Thomas Jerome Wielert ’42

David Livingston Demarest ’43

Marion Marmaduke Earle ’43

Richard Fred Ellis ’43

Robert Thomas McNamara ’45

In the Korean War

Robert J. Black ’49


Alexander MacLeod Milligan IV ’53 (1982)

In non-combat duty

John William Augustitus ’63 (1968)

Edward J. Young ’61 (1969)

Military Drills in the 1940s, facing Chapman Parkway